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WJC – Cayden Primeau

Edition: 2019 – Team USA – Result: Silver medal

Location : Vancouver and Victoria, Canada

Games played GAA Saves % WLT
5 1.61 0.936 4-1-0

Q: How did it feel for you to represent the United States?

A: There is nothing like it. The first time you wear it’s the same as the last. Every time you put it on there is a sense of pride and honour. It’s bigger than hockey and it’s bigger than yourself. You are representing so many people.

Q: Do you think it was an important step in your career?

A: Yeah, it’s the best of the best at that age. Just being named to the team is one thing and ultimately being able to play and to try to win a medal for your country, it’s huge.

Q: Do you think it helped you prepare for your first pro year?

A: Yes! For sure. Like I said it’s the best of the best. At the pro level, every night is a battle and it’s always skilled. So the fast past and all of that was definitely a huge step to get ready for the pro stuff.

Q: The United States team lost in the final. Do you remember who scored the first goal for Finland that game? (It was Rocket teammate Jesse Ylönen)

A: Yeah… We are not going to talk about it. (Laughs)

Q: Did the lost give you a bitter-sweet feeling about the tournament?

A: Obviously you want to win. You grow up watching it and for everything the main goal is to win. But once it happens, we felt short but getting that medal (silver) you understand that just getting a medal in a tournament like that is a huge accomplishment. At the time it was devastating but looking back on it, it’s a huge honour.

Q: How was it to spent Christmas there?

A: Definitely different than being home for Christmas. It’s a sacrifice that you make to achieve your dreams and your goals. On Christmas we had team little function. I don’t want to give any secrets away for the guys that are there in the future, but the staff made it an unbelievable memory, something that I’ll be able to carry with me for the rest of my life.

Q: You played with Ryan Poehling that year and both of you had great tournaments. Do you think it helped Canadiens fans get to know both of you as players?

A: For sure. I think most teams have an understanding of their prospects, but definitely here in Montreal, they look at it intensely. We never really thought about it at the time, but it’s for sure a way to prove yourself. It’s a good way to challenge yourself among the best of the best.