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WJC – Gabriel Bourque

Edition: 2010 – Team Canada – Result: Silver medal

Location : Saskatoon, Canada

Games played Goals Assists Points
6 3 6 9

Q: How was it for you to be chosen to represent Canada?

A: It was amazing. I didn’t expect that, because I had never made U-17, U-18. When they called me in the summer, I was happy, it wasn’t done yet, but it’s still a dream to be invited to the camp. When you have the chance to wear that jersey, it’s really something special.

Q: Despite the loss in the final, is it for you a beautiful memory, a positive experience?

A: Losing in overtime in the final is still a great accomplishment, even though it was like the first loss in five years for Canada, when we lost. It broke my heart, but it was still a great experience. I learned a lot, I met a lot of people and it was quite an event.

Q: Do you think this experience has helped you in your first pro year?

A: Yes! It sure did. It helped me. In terms of hockey, you play against the best in the world. In terms of my confidence too. I didn’t expect to be picked, I was a 5th round pick. I didn’t expect to make the team either, so I got a confidence boost. I had a good tournament and it allowed me to see that I had a good caliber.

Q: When you look at the team’s lineup, how do you feel when you see the career you guys have?

A: I’ve played with some really good bad players: Alex Pietrangelo, Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, etc.) Guys who are stars in the NHL today. It’s special to have played with them. They’re also good people that I’m glad to have met.

Q: Jake Allen was the goalie for Team Canada in this edition. How does it feel to see that you “started” your career then and that twelve years later, you are part of the same organization?

A: It’s funny to see. For sure, every time we saw each other we chatted a little. We bonded because you’re locked in with the team for almost a month and a half. You get to know each other well. It was definitely fun to see each other at camp and to talk to him a little bit.