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William Trudeau and the challenge of the second season

By Justin Vézina

The sophomore season slump is a well-documented concept among top athletes. That difficulty in continuing to progress or simply maintaining the same pace as in the rookie year.

Now in his second professional campaign, William Trudeau had no choice but to face this rite of passage and try to ward off the curse.

After a successful rookie camp, the start of the season was more difficult for the 21-year-old defenseman.

“I thought he got off to a slow start here in Laval, but I think he’s found his feet again. He’s playing much better. He’s winning a lot more battles along the boards and he’s getting more into the attack,” noted Rocket head coach Jean-François Houle.

But here it is. As mentioned by the pilot of the Laval club, Trudeau has not only regained his puck touches, but has once again become one of the pillars of the Rocket’s defense. His mobility and ability to read the game have made him an indispensable member of the defensive squad.

“I learned what the world was saying. Often the second season is more difficult, but I think it was just beneficial in my case. I learned a lot about myself, especially mentally,” Trudeau philosophized.

Good foundations lead to good results

The recipe William Trudeau used to achieve more couldn’t be more easy: “simplicity”.

What’s important for Trudeau is to keep it simple,” said Houle. And when he keeps it simple, he’s a very good player. […] He’s an important part of our team.”

Trudeau’s diagnosis was exactly the same.

“That’s the way to get your confidence back: you just have to get back to basics. And when you do that, things will start to go your way. You make simple plays, and then at some point, opportunities will open up for you,” explained the Varennes native.

“Every day I have to make sure I put in the work and improve. I’m happy with the way I’m playing at the moment. But it’s got to keep going and I’m definitely not going to sit on it.”

Everything points to a progression that is far from over for a young defender who continues to go from strength to strength.