The RONA Skills Competition takes place on Sunday, February 5th starting at 6pm! This event consists of 8 competitions featuring a variety of skills.

See the list of competitions below!


On the referee’s whistle, a player from each squad skates in a straight line from the starting line to the face-off circle at the far end of the rink. Once there, he picks up a puck and maneuvers it around pylons along a prescribed course and toward the starting line. When the player, in control of the puck, makes contact with the starting line with one skate, the next player on his squad proceeds through the same exercise. The first squad to have all three of its members successfully complete the drill wins. Races Three and Four are conducted according to the same guidelines, but as a one-on-one match race.


Each player, starting from a standing position, three feet from the center red line, skates one complete revolution around the rink. Players must complete the course.

Winners are determined by the electronic eyes that record time in thousandths of a second. The clock is automatically started and stopped by the player’s motion. The player may elect which direction he starts from.


Each goaltender will face two alternating shooters at a time from the opposing squad. Each shooter will be 21 feet from the corner of the goal crease. Attempting to score, shooters, on the referee’s whistle, take five (5) shots, alternating one at a time. All ten (10) shots must be completed within twelve seconds (:12). Only wrist shots and snap shots are allowed. The shooter must wait for the sound of the referee’s whistle as a signal to shoot each puck. The goaltender must be positioned so that both of his skates are touching or inside the goal crease at all times. A goal may be awarded by the referee for each violation of this rule


Four destructible foam targets 15 inches in diameter are attached to the goal posts, one target in each corner of the goal. Two players, one on each side of the goal, alternately pass four pucks each to a shooter positioned 25 feet out from the goal line. The shooter has a maximum of eighteen seconds (:18) to shoot up to eight (8) pucks in an attempt to hit each of the four targets. Any contact of a target by a puck that is shot is scored as a hit. Passes that are not received by the shooter qualify as attempts.


Three pucks are placed across the center red line. At the referee’s whistle, a heat of three players leaves the red line with one puck and attempts to score on the opposing goalie. All three players must touch the puck at least once (minimum of two total passes) before the puck is shot at the net. All three players must clear the zone and remain on-side before skating back in with their next puck. The players have twenty-seven seconds (:27) to attempt to score three goals. Slapshots and rebounds are not allowed.


Five pucks are positioned 10 feet outside the blue line.

The five shooters are positioned in a line at center ice.

On the whistle, Player A picks up the puck, skates in on goal and attempts to score. He then must skate back outside the blue line. When Player A clears the zone by skating outside the blue line, Player B begins, until all five players have completed one attempt each.

In this event, each of the four team goalies will face a total of five (5) shots.

Goaltender is responsible for clearing of any pucks.

Each group of five players has fifty seconds (:50) to complete all five attempts.


A single puck is positioned on the ice 30 feet from the goal line front and center of the goal. One at a time, and on notice by the referee, a player, starting no further than the nearest blue line, may skate towards the puck and shoot it from its positioned spot into the goal. Each player receives two (2) attempts; however, only his highest recorded shot (in miles per hour) will be scored. Shots must be on goal to be calculated and all shots are recorded by radar in miles per hour. Shots missing the goal count as 0 mph attempts.


The Goaltender with the fewest total goals against from each of the following events wins the competition:

  • AHLTV Rapid Fire
  • RONA Pass and Score

• Upper Deck Breakaway Relay