Bell is offering you the chance to win 4 tickets to the Rocket’s Saturday games and to meet a player from the team!


  • Bell offers you 4 tickets located next to the penalty box
  • You will have the chance to meet a Rocket player at the end of the game
  • Since the contest is held for the Rocket’s Saturday games, there are 5 different draws, 5 chances to win.

As part of the Rendez-vous with the Rocket contest presented by Bell, 2 raffles will be held between now and the end of the season to allow you and 3 of your friends to attend a Rocket game in seats next to the opposing penalty box and to meet a Laval Rocket player at the end of the game!


For a chance to win your tickets and meet a Rocket player, simply fill out the form below! Once registered, you will be eligible for the 4 raffles that will take place during the 2022-2023 season!

The next Saturday game of the Laval Rocket is on March 4, 2023, winners will receive an email with the tickets!


Good luck!