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WJC – Josh Brook

Edition: 2019 – Team Canada – Result: 6th position

Location: Saskatoon, Canada

Games played Goals Assists Points
5 0 2 2

Q: How did it feel to represent Canada?

A: It felt awesome. I was in a hotel room when I found out. I think it came out on Twitter. It was pretty exciting, really exciting actually.

Q: You were a part of team Canada, with Nick Suzuki, so do you think it helped Montreal’s fan get to know you?

A: I guess, because it’s televised across the world, so probably. It was good for the fans to be able to see us play.

Q: Your edition was played in Canada; do you think the team had extra attention?

A: Absolutely. When it’s in Canada, there is a buzz around the city, we could feel it in Vancouver. It’s definitely a lot different when it’s in your home country.

Q: How were the Christmas celebrations with the team?

A: It was good, you are with the team, most of the time but I still got to see my family a little bit. It was a cool experience for them because we used to watch it all of the time on TV and they got to go through it too so it was nice for them too.

Q: Was it a Christmas tradition for you and your family, to watch the World junior growing up?

A: Yes, absolutely. Every year!

Q: Do you think it was an important step in your career?

A: Yeah, it was really short term, but you remember it forever, playing in the World junior, so it’s definitely important in my career.

Q: Do you think it helped you to start your pro career?

A: Mmm, a little bit. It’s a tournament, it’s not a season, but still you play a lot faster there than what you play in the juniors so in that way, yes. Absolutely!