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WJC -Jesse Ylonen

Edition: 2019 – Team Finland – Result: Gold medal

Location: Vancouver and Victoria, British-Columbia, Canada

Games played Goals Assists Points
7 3 3 6

Q: How did it feel to represent your country?

A: It felt really good. It’s an honour. It’s a tournament that everybody was waiting for, for a long time. We had been playing together before, for national team’s tournament, like the U-16, U-17 and U-18. World Junior is the biggest tournament of your time as a junior. We played in Canada and we knew we had a great team, so I was really excited already before the tournament.

Q: During the gold-medal, you scored the first goal of the game against the United States (and Cayden Primeau), can you describe how you felt?

A: It felt good, but the game was far from over. We couldn’t celebrate to much because we knew we had to focus on the game and help the team to win. Celebrations had to wait for after the game.

Q: Out of the Rocket players who went at the World Juniors, you are the only one who won the gold medal. How proud are you of this accomplishment?

A: Very, it’s a really high level tournament. All the teams were good and had good players from that age group, that are now playing in the NHL. It was a big accomplishment for me and the team.

Q: To win gold, you had to beat Canada (Josh Brook) and the United States (Primeau), is it something you talked about when you arrived in Laval?

A: Not really (Laughs), sometimes we talk about it, but not too much. It was a long time ago.

Q: Was it part of your Christmas tradition, to watch the World Juniors?

A : Yes, of course ! Every year! Those are the games that are the most exciting to watch, with the NHL Playoffs, so I watched it every time.