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LAVAL (November 28, 2022) – The Laval Rocket team is proud to renew its collaboration with the Service de police de Laval (SPL) as part of the fourth edition of the Teddy Bear Toss game, which will be held on December 10, 2022, at Place Bell. Paused due to the pandemic, the last edition of this game was on November 23, 2019.

In order to collect teddy bears and donate them to local organizations and initiatives working with families and children, the Rocket joins its voice with the Service de police de Laval to invite its fans to throw their teddy bears on the ice on the Rocket’s first goal. The involvement of fans in this activity will contribute to the fun atmosphere of this evening which supports a good cause.

The teddy bears collected will be donated to the following 30 foundations and initiatives:

  • Arbre du partage
  • Association amicale des jeunes et parents
  • Association des locataires de La place Saint-Martin
  • Au Jardin de la famille de Fabreville
  • Bouclier d’Athena
  • Bureau D’aide et D’assistance Familiale de la Place Saint-Martin (BAAF)
  • Carrefour d’intercultures de Laval
  • Centre communautaire Petit Espoir
  • Centre communautaire Val-Martin (La Maison de la famille)
  • Centre des femmes de Montréal
  • Centre jeunesse de Laval
  • École Saint-Norbert
  • Fondation Cité de la Santé
  • Jeunesse au Soleil
  • La Parentèle de Laval
  • L’Entraide Pont-Viau et Laval-des-Rapides
  • Les Immeubles Val-Martin
  • Loisirs Bon-Pasteur
  • Maison de la famille de Saint-François
  • Maison de Quartier de Fabreville
  • Maison de la famille de Laval-Ouest
  • Maison Le Prélude
  • Maison L’Esther
  • Mieux-Naître à Laval
  • Partage Saint-Maxime
  • Quartier Général (événément de remise de toutous SPL)
  • Relais communautaire Laval 
  • Relais du quartier de St-Vincent-de-Paul
  • Société St-Vincent-de-Paul

“We are delighted to be able to unite with the Service de police de Laval once again. Their commitment to this cause means a lot to us. It is therefore our pleasure to collaborate with them. We are happy to bring happiness to thousands of children in need”, indicated the director of marketing and events of the Rocket, Sébastien Vaillant.

The December 10 game will be a great opportunity for all fans, as well as for the entire Rocket organization, to get involved in the Laval community. Fans are invited to bring their teddy bears. There will be some on sale on site too.

“This collaboration is the perfect opportunity to involve the entire organization for the benefit of a cause that is dear to us. With the holiday season approaching, everyone will be called upon to contribute to this joyful evening to support children in need,” said Rocket head coach Jean-François Houle.

The association with the Service de police de Laval is very important for the Rocket. After two years of not being able to organize this event, the two entities found it essential to come back with this initiative.

“It is with great pride that the Service de police de Laval collaborates in the Teddy Bear Toss Laval Rocket game. Since the first edition, more than 10,000 teddy bears have been donated to more than twenty foundations in the region. We are once again counting on the extraordinary contribution of the fans during the game on December 10. This event demonstrates the immense generosity of our two organizations towards the children of Laval. We are convinced that the teddy bears distributed will make thousands of children happy, a few weeks before the holiday season,” said Pierre Brochet, director of the Service de police de la Ville de Laval.

To support this worthy cause, the Rocket encourages its fans to purchase tickets for the Teddy Bear Toss game on December 10.