The Flex-20 package allows you to attend Rocket games when YOU want!

This package includes 20 vouchers that you can redeem for any game(s) during the regular season. You can select the games you want in any combination. You can attend 5 games with 3 buddies, or attend 10 games with your spouse, or redeem 1 ticket for 20 games. YOU decide!

In addition, you can secure your seat for the AHL All-Star Classic, in collaboration with Manulife Bank, that will take place at Place Bell on February 6-7, 2022. Contact an account manager to reserve your All-Star Package now! (1-855-595-2200)








Prices rounded up to the nearest dollar. Taxes included.

*Price compared to day of game individual tickets.


You have two options :

Option 1: Connect to your Account Manager to exchange the amount of tickets you want for the amount of games that you want. Please click HERE to access your account manager. If you need help to exchange your tickets, please click on the tab “Step by step process”.

Option 2: Exchange your coupons directly at the Place Bell box office. Make sure to have your account number and a valid ID. The box office is open Monday to Saturday from 12PM to 6PM and until 9PM on game days.

No, you can exchange your coupons at any time during the 2020-2021 regular season.

No, you can exchange de amount of tickets that you need. The balance will remain in your account for future use.

No, once you’ve finalized your game selection, we cannot exchange the date. The exchange option is available exclusively for full season & half season members.

Category no. Section yes. The only category included for your FLEX is the Blue A. However, when selecting a game, you can move through either of the 10 sections in the Bleu A category.

The system will automatically assign you the best seats available. If you wish to select specific seats, we invite you to go directly to the box office.

Your tickets will only be visible in your Account Manager once you have completed an exchange. Following this email, you will need to sign-in in order to download your tickets.

No, your package includes electronic tickets that can be accessed via your account manager. Please click HERE to acccess your account manager.

Full payment (1 installment): pay in full at the moment of purchase

We’re taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure a safe gameday experience, following strict health and safety protocols. Rest assured that if for whatever reason games are unable to be played or we’re required to host at a limited capacity, we will take care of each Member to ensure the full value of the Membership is fulfilled – just as we did for our fans in 2020. Having said that players and hockey operations personnel are not immune to being exposed to COVID-19. In such an event, the American Hockey League could decide to reschedule, postpone, or cancel a game. Ticketholders will be able to attend rescheduled games but could also request a refund if they prefer. Refunds will be provided in the event of a canceled game. If you experience any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have tested positive with COVID-19 between the day of purchase and no more than 24 hours before the game, you will be able to request a refund. You will need to provide proof of a positive test result if you request a refund on the day of the game.

Fans and working staff will have access to additional hand sanitizing stations available throughout the Place Bell. Also, the arena’s cleaning and disinfecting efforts have been enhanced and the frequency of each has been increased. High-touch surfaces seeing heavy amounts of traffic such as concessions, retail shops, restrooms, handrails, counters, etc. are disinfected every hour. Additionally, all areas of the Place Bell, including in-bowl seats, are disinfected overnight to help prevent the spread of infections among guests.

As of today, no decision has been made in regards to wearing masks or the vaccine. Please note that we are in constant communication with the league and government authorities and we will continue to keep you informed about developments in order to ensure you a safe environment when activities resume on October 15th.