In the winter of 2019, the Laval Rocket hockey club presents its new community outreach program READ FOR FUN with the Rocket

READ FOR FUN with the Rocket program becomes the most important community initiative for the Laval organization. The Rocket’s new program aims to encourage reading among children by promoting the benefits and joys of reading, while encouraging students in elementary schools of the region, – specifically those in grades 1 and 2 – to play hockey.

Rocket players will visit the schools to read to the students. During the visit, on top of reading a youth novel, The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, to students, the three players on site will speak about their relationship with reading and will also discuss the important elements of their sport and academic backgrounds. A friendly ball hockey game with the students and teachers is also on the agenda.

The Rocket wishes to actively participate in the development of children by promoting reading and physical activity. The organization envisions visiting six schools before the end of the scholastic year in June 2019.